" Kings, queens, dukes, duchesses, counts, countesses, princes, princesses, marquis, marquises, barons, baronesses and lords of lower estate and other nobles are invited to a medieval banquet of some standing at the place known locally as The Priests House."

Medieval Nights

A Medieval Banquet in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales


No matter the occasion, a medieval night at The Priests House is a night to behold. This is an event of joviality amongst friends or colleagues, a time to get to know each other in a totally different environment. Picture the scene as you arrive....the backdrop of the historic Barden Tower casting an imposing shadow, the solitude of the location providing an eerie darkness, the flaming lanterns greeting you up the orchard path with period music wafting in the air, real log fires burning away in the bar and dining room and staff in period costume serving you mulled wine in goblets.


Dine majestically on a feast of local produce, spiced and prepared the traditional way and dine off trenchers without forks. There will be no chips on the menu, no pizzas either. The menu can be flexed, but only in so far as ingredients that were used in true medieval times, before the arrival of the potato and the chicken tikka massala. Dressing up in medieval outfits all adds to the ambience..


Space may be at a premium in The Priests House itself but this just adds to the intimacy and authenticity of the atmosphere. Alternatively, for groups of more than 30 the newly refurbished Old Chapel provides an equally superb setting allowing for more space and options.



Medieval nights are for group bookings only



Up to 30 in the House £49.50

Up to 60 in the Chapel £55.00

which includes the menu and all the wine and ale for the night. Medieval banquets are most authentic between September and April when it is dark outside, the lights are turned down, and the candles lit.....

It is even more authentic when guests are dressed in medieval outfits...

Minimum numbers are 10 (Saturday 20)


Riding your mare home in the dark is not recommended


You may be mistaken for a poacher or robbed at sword point! If you are looking to book on a midweek night we recommend you stay at the next door Barden Bunk Barn which sleeps up to 24 and is an ideal stopover so you can really enjoy the night without worrying about getting home. The cost for the night is just £330.

The Priests House

Barden Tower

Bolton Abbey


North Yorkshire

BD23 6AS


TEL: 01756 720616